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Hi Is there any easier way to write multiple lines in a file which has things like quotes in and other things like that or is the only way to do it like this

                Dim objwriter As New System.IO.StreamWriter(AppsDir & "EthIPChanger.bat")
            objwriter.WriteLine("@echo off")
            objwriter.WriteLine("netsh interface ip set address name=""" & "Local Area Connection""" & " static " & TB_EthIPAddress.Text & " " & TB_EthSubnetMask.Text & " " & TB_EthDefaultGateway.Text & " 1")
            objwriter.WriteLine("netsh interface ip set dns """ & "Local Area Connection""" & " static " & TB_EthDNS1.Text)
            objwriter.WriteLine("ipconfig /all > """ & AppsDir & "NetworkInfo.txt""")
            objwriter.WriteLine("echo hi > """ & AppsDir & "CheckLen.txt""")

I know if you are using python you can do """ and then do anything inside that and end it with """

Does anything like that exist in vb.net?


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You can use Chr(34) instead of doing the double quotes. –  Kyle Undefined Aug 14 '12 at 20:47
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If you use objwriter.Write - then you can supply the vbcrlf yourself - and then you can put multiple 'lines' in one write statement.

For example:

Dim str2write As string
str2write  = "firstline" and Chr(34) & Chr(34) & vbcrlf
str2write &= Chr(34) & "second line" and Chr(34) & vbcrlf & vbcrlf
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You can try with StringBuilder:

    Dim objwriter As New System.IO.StreamWriter(AppsDir & "EthIPChanger.bat")
    Dim textToWrite As New System.Text.StringBuilder

    With textToWrite
        .Append("@echo off")
        .AppendFormat("netsh interface ip set address name={0}Local Area Connection{0} static {1} {2} {3} 1", Chr(34), TB_EthIPAddress.Text, TB_EthSubnetMask.Text, TB_EthDefaultGateway.Text)
        .AppendFormat("netsh interface ip set dns {0}Local Area Connection{0} static {1}", Chr(34), TB_EthDNS1.Text)
        .AppendFormat("ipconfig /all > {0}{1}{2}{0}", Chr(34), AppsDir, TB_EthDNS1.Text)
        .AppendFormat("echo hi > {0}{1}{2}{0}", Chr(34), AppsDir, CheckLen.Text)
    End With

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