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I am trying to convert from wmv to mp4. First of do I need to implement my IMFTransform to do this ? Do i need to convert the video to MFVideoFormat_I420 ?

As far as I know if you create the topology correctly this should be handled automatically. So I created my profile showed in the

but i get a MF_E_TRANSCODE_NO_MATCHING_ENCODER. I have windows 7 so, i should have the encoder.

Also Does anyone know where the source code for that tutorial is. It is not under SDK samples.


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You don't show code - noone knows what is wrong.

Take a look at this transcoding sample, which comes with source code and does exactly what you are trying to do: transcoding from ASF into MP4.

MFSimpleEncode.exe - This is a command line tool that transcodes files from one media format to another. The source code is provided to use as a reference if you write your own transcode application. This tool uses the Media Foundation transcode API, which was introduced in Windows 7.


  1. Transcode ASF to MPEG-4:

    MFSimpleencode.exe –i Input.wmv –o output.mp4 –p TranscodeProfileMPEG4.xml

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Thanks for the reply. You are right. I ll post the code. But that example uses the MFCreateTranscodeTopology. That also works for me but I need to create my own topology. Bwcause that function takes in source object , path to outFile, profile(AAC and H264) params and Create the topology. I need to write my custom sink because I do not want to write the output to a file. – Evren Bingøl Aug 18 '12 at 0:18
@EvrenBingøl I also facing same problem.I am not cnverting one file to another.In my case I am reading from h264 camera and wrting in the file.I am getting same error on MFCreateTranscodeTopology().Plz Help – Chris_vr Jan 7 '13 at 12:51

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