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I am using Crystal Reports in VS2010. I want to execute a query that lists records as row, and as a sub-query as you like, display a record within something that resembles a Flow Layout (.Net/Java style).

I am executing a stored procedure to get my data in one, for example:

SELECT Table1.Field1 AS Title
       Table2.Field1 AS RowRecord1
       Table2.Field2 AS RowRecord2
       Table3.Field1 AS DataRecord

FROM Table1 
JOIN Table2 ON = Table2.table1_id
JOIN Table3 ON = Table3.table2_id

So Table1 is the top level parent, Table2 is an intermediate, Table3 has my child data that I want to display differently - not in a row.

So dummy data in select will look like:

Title      RowRecord1    RowRecord2   DataRecord
My Test    Some Row1     Test 1       D1
My Test    Some Row1     Test 1       D2
My Test    Some Row1     Test 1       D3
My Test    Some Row1     Test 1       D4
My Test    Some Row1     Test 1       D5
My Test    Some Row2     Test 222     D1
My Test    Some Row2     Test 222     D2
My Test    Some Row2     Test 222     D3

So I want the overall report to look like as follows:

**My Test** 

Some Row1   Test 1

D1   D2   D3   D4

Some Row2   Test 222

D1   D2   D3

DataRecord will fill the section up from left to right (single value) - in a Flow Layout.

Ideally I want to know how to do this in Crystal if at all possible. If not I will listen to alternative ideas or solutions. I've tried a few things to no avail and not found anything on line as yet.



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I think something like this should work:

First group in Crystal by Title , RowRecord1, RowRecord2

Then create three formulas:

In the deepest group header put:

Global numberVar count := 0;
StringVar ConCat:= "";

In detail section:

StringVar ConCat;
Global NumberVar count;

   if ((count Mod 4) = 0) then
       ConCat:= ConCat & {DBTABLE.DataRecord} & ChrW(13) //adds a line break
       Concat := Concat & {DBTABLE.DataRecord};
   count := count + 1    


In group footer

StringVar ConCat;
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Hi Robert, I am trying this. I have copied the formulas as is. I get an error on the count saying not enough arguments have been given to the function. Any thoughts? – Andez Aug 16 '12 at 18:10
I've changed the name of count to count1. I have added Global numberVar count1 in the Detail section formula. It displays D1 for the first group 5 times and in the group footer. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Will keep trying. Thanks Andez – Andez Aug 16 '12 at 18:54
I've updated a bit. Global Numbervar was missing in the middle formula and of course incrementing the count variable. I havent tried this code in CR, i just presented my approach to this. Good luck. – Robert Niestroj Aug 16 '12 at 19:12
Hi Robert, sussed it now thanks. I've hidden the Detail section and the first part in the detail formula are now: WhilePrintingRecords; global numberVar count1:= count1 + 1; StringVar ConCat; – Andez Aug 16 '12 at 19:12
As a long shot, is it possible to add boxes dynamically. I know this just appends to a string and outputs it, but just on an off chance. Thanks again – Andez Aug 16 '12 at 19:15

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