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My solr data import config.xml looks something like this

      <entity name="users" pk="id"
         query="select id, user_name, site_id from users"
         deltaQuery = "select id from users where updated &gt;= '${dataimporter.last_index_time}'"
         deltaImportQuery = "select id, user_name, site_id from users where id = ${dataimporter.delta.id}">
         <field column="id" name="id"/>
         <field column="name" name="user_name"/>
         <field column="site_id" name="site_id"/>
         <entity name="prefs" pk="id"
               query="select pref_value from user_preferences where user_id = '${users.id}'"
               deltaQuery="select id from user_preferences where updated &gt;= '${dataimporter.last_index_time}'"
               parentDeltaQuery="select user_id as id from user_preferences where id = ${prefs.id}">
            <field column="pref_value" name="pref_value" />

Where each user can have multiple preferences. Right now it only imports the first user_preference it finds. How can I import all the user preferences?

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  1. make sure is pref_value a multiValued field in your schema.xml
  2. I don-t think you can use parentDeltaQuery and deltaQuery in the inner entity, those are just for the parent one.
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