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I've problem with margin in my Chrome (21.0.1180.79 m) . However the problem doesn't exist in Firefox 14.0.1.

Here's the screeshot http://i.imgur.com/ePcXO.jpg (sorry I can't attached image since I'm new and are not allowed to attach an image)

In chrome, when I add top margin to the Menu 2, it will overlapping with the Menu 1. In other words, the margin of the Menu 2 starts at the bottom of Menu 1.

I use

margin: 50 auto 20px;

Works fine in Firefix, but not in Chrome. Any ideas?

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That's called margin collapse

You can fix it, for example, adding floating: http://jsfiddle.net/bRJgB/1/ and http://jsfiddle.net/bRJgB/1/show/.

You can also fix it adding a separator between them (an empty element with overflow different than visible, or with border or padding).

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