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When calling a stored procedure outside of a BEGIN...END block, I don't need to use the EXEC or EXECUTE command; the following works:

SP_RENAME '[dbo].[TableName].[old_column]', 'new_column', 'COLUMN'

However, when I move this line inside a BEGIN...END block, it will throw a synatx error unless I use the EXEC or EXECUTE command:

IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM sys.columns WHERE Name = N'old_column' AND Object_ID = Object_ID(N'TableName'))
    EXEC SP_RENAME '[dbo].[TableName].[old_column]', 'new_column', 'COLUMN'

Any reason why?

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I think you only do not need an exec statement if the statement is the first statement in a batch... eg ... GO SP_REName ...; When it's in a loop it's not the first statement and thus must be exec'd –  John Bingham Aug 14 '12 at 22:34

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From MSDN's EXECUTE Article:

You do not have to specify the EXECUTE keyword when executing stored procedures if the statement is the first one in a batch.

Therefore, your second example throws the error because the stored procedure call is not the first statement in the batch.

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