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I am using the following jQuery multiselect script on the select boxes on my website, the problem is when you reload a record from the mysql database the jquery script doesn't reload the select options. The thing is if I remove the jquery from the page and try again it works just fine, and the select boxes are reloaded from the db no problem.If I create a new record it saves it to the database just fine with javascript enabled, but if I reload a previously created record the select box is just blank, if I click the arrow icon on the right of the box nothing happens either (it doesn't show the contents of the select menu like normal). If I turn off the jquery script the box re loads fine in html.

                    /* jquery.ui.muliselect.js
             * URL: http://corydorning.com/projects/multiselect
             * @author: Cory Dorning
             * @modified: 08/25/2011
             * Multiselect is a jQuery UI widget that transforms a <select>
             * box to provide a better User Experience when you need to select
             * multiple items, without the need to use the CTRL key.
             * @TODO

            (function($) {
              $.widget('ui.multiselect', {
                _version: 0.1,

                version: function() { return this._version },

                // default options
                options: {
                  label: '-- Select --',
                  minWidth: 200,
                  maxWidth: null,
                  scroll: 0

                items: [],

                _create: function() {
                  var self = this,
                      $select = self.element.hide(),
                      items = self.items = $select.children('option').map(function(){
                        return {
                          label: $(this).text(),
                          value: $(this).text(),
                          option: this // this stores a reference of the option element it belongs to

                  var $input = self.input = $('<div class="ui-multiselect-input" />')
                          // workaround to close menu on blur
                          tabIndex: -1
                        .html('<span class="ui-multiselect-label" style="display: inline-block; margin: 2px; padding: 1px;">' + self.options.label + '</span>')
                          delay: 0,
                          minLength: 0,
                          source: function(req, resp) {
                            var srcItems = [];

                            $.each(items, function(i, o) {
                              if (!o.option.selected) {
                          select: function(ev, ui) {
                            $.each(items, function(i, o) {
                              if (ui.item.option === o.option) {
                        .addClass('ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-corner-left')
                          display: 'inline-block',
                          minWidth: self.options.minWidth,
                          maxWidth: self.options.maxWidth || 'auto',
                          padding: 1,
                          verticalAlign: 'middle'
                        .click(function() {

                  self.button = $('<button>')
                      icons: {
                        primary: 'ui-icon-triangle-1-s'
                      text: false
                      height: $input.outerHeight(),
                      verticalAlign: 'middle'
                    .click(function(e) {
      // close if already visible
      if ( $input.autocomplete('widget').is(':visible') ) {

      // work around a bug (likely same cause as #5265)

      // pass empty string as value to search for, displaying all results
      $input.autocomplete('search', '');

                  if (self.options.scroll) {
                      maxHeight: self.options.scroll,
                      overflowY: 'auto',
                      overflowX: 'hidden',
                      paddingRight: '20px'

                }, // _create

                destroy: function() {
                  $.Widget.prototype.destroy.call( this );
                }, // destroy

                select: function(index) {
                  var self = this,
                      item = self.items[index];

                  item.option.selected = true;

                  $('<span class="ui-multiselect-item">' + item.label + '</span>')
                      icons: { secondary: 'ui-icon-close' }
                      cursor: 'default',
                      margin: 2
                        lineHeight: 'normal',
                        paddingTop: 0,
                        paddingBottom: 0,
                        paddingLeft: '.5em'
                        cursor: 'pointer'
                      .click(function() {
                        return false;


                }, // select

                deselect: function(item) {
                  var self = this;

                  item.option.selected = false;


                  if (!self.input.children('.ui-multiselect-item').length) {
                } // deselect

              }); // $.widget('multiselect')

This is the code I am using in my template index.php file >>

      <!-- Multiselect Library-->
                        <script type="text/javascript" src="./multiselect/jquery.ui.multiselect.js"></script>

    $(function() {
      // initialize the plugin

        label: '-- Select Your Options --',
        minWidth: 300,
        maxWidth: 400,
        scroll: 80
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This is an exact duplicate of your question from 2 days ago? How are you reloading a record from the database? Ajax? – Jeemusu Aug 15 '12 at 3:04
Sorry, I got no answer and people stopped replying to my comments and once a post gets past a few hours old no one takes any notice of it any more. I am reloading the record using php / html, the jquery is supposed to just interpret what html is loaded the way I want it to work. – Iain Simpson Aug 15 '12 at 21:04
Can you post the html when it works, and the html when it doesn't (copied from a dom inspector like firebug). – Jeemusu Aug 15 '12 at 23:19
possible duplicate of Jquery Multiselect Plugin Not Reloading Data – Jürgen Thelen Aug 15 '12 at 23:32

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