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I'm working with Vala, which is compiled first to C then compiled from C as normal.

One feature of valac (the Vala compiler) is to generate a "fast-vapi" for a .vala file. A fast-vapi is essentially a generated header file for the .vala file. The point of fast-vapis is that they allow incremental builds.

So, a simplified sequence of commands to build a project looks something like this:

valac --fast-vapi=source1.vapi source1.vala # generate source1.vapi
valac --fast-vapi=source2.vapi source2.vala # generate source2.vapi
valac -C --use-fast-vapi=source2.vapi source1.vapi # generate source1.c
valac -C --use-fast-vapi=source1.vapi source2.vapi # generate source2.c

When writing the cmake dependencies of source1.c, one approach is for it to depend on every fast-vapi but its own. This quickly becomes cumbersome for large projects, as often changes to other .vapis do not effect source1.vala. So valac supports the --deps flag:

valac -C --deps=source1.dep --use-fast-vapi=source2.vapi source1.vapi

This generates make-style dependencies for source1.dep in source1.dep. For example:

source1.dep: source2.vapi source5.vapi ...

If I was writing a plain Makefile, I could simply do include source1.dep. However, I can't find any similar construct for cmake.

How can I include a generated make-style dependencies file in cmake?

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Since your generated dependencies are in make-style, maybe this link helps? – Reinier Torenbeek Aug 15 '12 at 4:57

The Vala compiler will not write new C files if they haven't changed. If your program is made of multiple source files and you recompile, the Vala compiler will only update the C and header files that have changed and then your C compiler's dependency process can pick up the rest.

The Vala compiler itself, which uses make and autotools, doesn't provide any information about the dependencies between the Vala compiler and the build system. The Vala compiler gets called and produces the C files, and then autotool's method for determining dependencies of C files takes over. There's not reason that logic could not be used in CMake.

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@apamasell: I'm talking about a fast-vapi-based build system, not the traditional "generate all C files in one step" process. The dependencies that I'm talking about are between generated .c/.dep files and fast-vapis, not between .o files and .h files. See I gave a detailed explanation in my original post. – Matthew Pirocchi Aug 15 '12 at 18:04
I think you'd have to parse the dep files and and add_dependencies in your CMake file. – apmasell Aug 15 '12 at 19:28

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