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I am looking to create a route which does image resizing, and I want it to be of the following format:


and I need to collect the width and height out dynamically, as such, I need routing to be something like:


obviously this wont work because :width would be mixed as :widthx

I have tried searching for solution to this, but I cant seem to find one - surely rails routing isn't so rigid that it doesnt faciliate this?

Also, I dont want to set "x" as a "separator" as that would mean I cant use it as part of the image filename.

Any ideas of how I can setup this routing?

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You can enclose the named parameters in brackets:

match 'resize/(:width)x(:height)/:image',
      :width => /\d+/, :height => /\d+/,
      :to => 'image#resize'

An URL like /resize/100x400/hello.jpg will end up as the following parameters:

 "width"=>"100", "height"=>"400",
 "image"=>"hello", "format"=>"jpg"
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Exactly what I was looking for - I knew I was missing something. –  Forouzani Aug 15 '12 at 6:50

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