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Has anyone been able to get the New Payer Promotions described in Facebook's recent developer blog post to work? According to the documentation you should be able to query a new field, is_eligible_promo via the Graph API.

Formatting a call like this only results in the "id" field being returned for me though.


Am I missing something? Do I have to sign up for or enable this somewhere? Or does it just not work correctly?

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After testing with a friend's account it appears that the documentation is incorrect.

If the user is eligible it will do what it describes and return the is_eligible_promo field with a "1" as the value.

If the user is not eligible the is_eligible_promo field will not be returned at all.

The documentation says "This query returns the following data in its response: The value 1 indicating the user is eligible or 0 indicating the user is not eligible." Apparently this is not correct.

My account was not eligible therefore it did not return a value for this field.

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This is my understanding of how this works - when you use the FQL method (select is_elegible_promo from standard_user_info where... ) then you'll get 0 or 1, in Graph API fields are omitted if there's no value for them –  Igy Aug 15 '12 at 1:17
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