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I have an Arduino Uno with the WiFly shield. I want to use 5 PWM ports on the Arduino to control motors, but some of the PWM ports are used by the WiFly. Looking into it, I think I need to use the SPI bus, but is this possible with the WiFly shield or how do I go about it?

How am I supposed to wire the motors so that they can work alongside the WiFly?

Can you point to a tutorial (I haven't been able to find one similar enough to my case to understand) or can you give me some pointers? That would be great.

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Perhaps you should try in the Electrical Engineering StackExchange site? – Mark Hildreth Aug 14 '12 at 23:15

All you need to get the WiFly module working is a serial link with it. One option is to use a soft serial library. This way you can choose which arduino pins you want to use (only 2 are needed leaving all the others available to control your motors). See this tutorial for a complete example.

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