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I am migrating paypal subscriptions from old working paypal account to a newly created one. We have a standard subscription form on a site similar to described here.

The problem is once I switched subscriptions to a new account (by changing

<input type="hidden" name="business" value="">

to a new email on the form) subscriptions started to behave differently.

Once I subscribe I get a completely different email saying:

You set up an automatic payment profile to Company Inc.

Instead of:

Subscription Receipt for Product

My paypal payment history also says Recurring Payment To instead of Subscription Creation To, and subsciption ID is now in I-XXXXXXXX format instead of S-XXXXXXXXX.

What do I need to setup on the new paypal account to make it produce regular subscriptions again?

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That's no longer possible. As of October 2010 (I think) PayPal will no longer create S-type subscriptions, and new accounts are creating 'recurring payments' (starting with I-) by default, regardless of whether or not they have been created via the CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile API call, or via the HTML form.

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