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I'm trying to set the cookie, but it is not being set.

$hp = explode('=', $hp);
$shp = $hp[0];

echo $hp_id=$hp[1];

if(empty($_cookie['betahomepage1'])) {
    echo "cookie not set";   
} else {
    echo "cookie is set";   
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If you run into a problem with a PHP function, double check all parameters and re-read the PHP manual about them.

The function in question is:

You wrote:

setcookie('betahomepage1', $hp_id, $expire , "/"   , "");
          $name          , $value, $expire , $path , $domain 

The domain parameter is not a HTTP URI. It is just the Domain:

The domain that the cookie is available to. Setting the domain to '' will make the cookie available in the www subdomain and higher subdomains. Cookies available to a lower domain, such as '' will be available to higher subdomains, such as ''. Older browsers still implementing the deprecated » RFC 2109 may require a leading . to match all subdomains.

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i ahve removed the domain name. i have set the another cookie on the same page. both cookies have same code just variiables are different. second cookie is working but first one is not working. – user1515728 Aug 15 '12 at 0:08
Next step is to learn that setcookie has a return value. Check that value for errors. Also you might want to enable error reporting and such. – hakre Aug 15 '12 at 0:09

The predefined variable in PHP that contains all cookies is called $_COOKIE (notice the uppercase), see the page in the manual.

As variables in PHP are case sensitive, the $_cookie variable you are comparing against will be NULL, unless explicitly set somewhere else.

So, your cookie is being set, but you're not correctly retrieving it.

Also, a nice way to debug cookies is to use FireBug (Or the Chrome developer tools); They can show you all active cookies in the browser.

If you want to make absolutely sure a cookie has been set in PHP during debug, you could just go for a var_dump($_COOKIE), which will definitively tell you which cookies are set for the current request.

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