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What exactly does the EntityFramework do to map properties that have custom getters and setters when using Code First?

Does it simply call the getter for a property when serializing, and the setter when deserializing? So I could do something silly like...

public class Foo {

    public DateTime TimeAccessed {
        get {
            return DateTime.Now;
        set {
            TimeDeserialized = DateTime.Now;

    public DateTime TimeDeserialized { get; private set; }

Note I have no actual interest in using the above code, or anything like it... it's for illustrative purposes only.

Also, when mapping a property with Code First, do all getters and setters need to be public?

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Yes; EF does call the getters and setters.
It would actually be impossible for EF to work in any other way.

No; they can even be private. (although the property itself must be public)

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Clear and concise - Thanks! – Eric Aug 15 '12 at 0:06

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