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As a follow up to my last question I would like to compile a list of perfmon counters that are spawned and continuously sampled(-Continuous) at 1 second interval (default) with Start-Job, sleep for 60 seconds then run Receive-job to get the past 60-seconds of stats (-Average, -Sum, -Minimum, -Maximum).

The problem I'm having now is the job starts and stays in a "running" state when I use then absolute counter path. If I try to iterate through an array of performance counter strings the job state goes to "Completed".

Here are two code samples that show non-working and working results.

Doesn't work. Job state Completes even though -Continuous is set. No errors are raised.

$counters=@("\Processor(*)\% Processor Time",
        "\Network Interface(*)\Bytes Received/sec",
        "\Network Interface(*)\Bytes Sent/sec")
foreach ($counterPath in $counters) {
    $job=Start-Job {get-counter -Counter "$counterPath" -Continuous | foreach {$_.CounterSamples} }

Works as expected, but doesn't allow multiple counters to start-job via a loop.

$job=Start-Job {get-counter -Counter "\Processor(*)\% Processor Time" -Continuous | foreach {$_.CounterSamples} }

Resulting Output

PS C:\Users\msnow> $jobs=@{}
[string]$counter="\Processor(*)\% Processor Time"
$job=Start-Job {get-counter -Counter "$counter" -Continuous | foreach {$_.CounterSamples} }

PS C:\Users\msnow> $jobs=@{}
$job=Start-Job {get-counter -Counter "\Processor(*)\% Processor Time" -Continuous | foreach {$_.CounterSamples} }

PS C:\Users\msnow> Get-Job

Id              Name            State      HasMoreData     Location             Command                  
--              ----            -----      -----------     --------             -------                  
1               Job1            Completed  True            localhost            get-counter -Counter "...
3               Job3            Running    True            localhost            get-counter -Counter "...
PS C:\Users\msnow> receive-job -id 3 | measure CookedValue -sum -Average

Count    : 11466
Average  : 5.20268509822716
Sum      : 59653.9873362726
Maximum  : 
Minimum  : 
Property : CookedValue
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I believe the problem is in the scope of the variable $counter. Start-job runs the scriptblock in other runspace and the variable it is not visible. You need to pass it as -argumentlist .try:

Start-Job {get-counter -Counter "$($args[0])" -Continuous | foreach {$_.CounterSamples} } -ArgumentList $counter


Start-Job {param($counter) ; get-counter -Counter "$($counter)" -Continuous | % {$_.CounterSamples} } -ArgumentList $counter
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Well that certainly wasn't obvious. :) it doesn't appear the "$()" wrapping of $args[0] is required. Is there a reason I should include this in the scriptblock? – mattsn0w Aug 15 '12 at 19:24
In this case no, it is more a habit that I have. But if yu want to understand the differences, see huddledmasses.org/parenthesis-in-powershell – Laerte Junior Aug 15 '12 at 21:12

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