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In Catalyst and Cpan,there are so many libraries. What about Reaction 0.002005? The version is so minus, and this release is on 08 Mar 2011. Is Catalyst so "quiet"? What about the future of Catalyst? From stackoverflow view, ruby on rails is so popular and Catalyst is so not popular?

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Ruby is pretty. –  varatis Aug 15 '12 at 2:33

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I'm not sure volume of questions for one stack over another is a particularly useful metric. There is a vibrant Catalyst community, and it is probably the most popular perl-based web framework. Have a look at the frequency of updates to the core; I'm sure Reaction is lovely and everything, but I wouldn't use its update-cycle as a measure of anything: it's abstract by design, and a pretty advanced topic.

There are other perl web frameworks that could be worth exploring for you, depending on the scale of your project (Mojo, Dancer etc). But Catalyst is the most mature.

The rest of your question is a bit "should I buy a Jaguar or a John Deere?" It depends on your environment, what you plan on doing, and so on. Unanswerable.

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The more you have knowlege, the more you are a Enthusiastic people! –  Thai Heng Aug 15 '12 at 2:36

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