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I have data file which looks like this

#col 1     2     3     4     5     6     7
#bench                 #these are max and min values 
#mark     #bar1 #bar2  #for the prevoius 2 values 
NOSHARE.2 43032 139412 100 45000 130000 140000
FALSE_SHARE.2 7035 24101 5000 7500 24100 25000
SHAREDVAR.2 11316 10248 10000 12000 10000 12000

I am able to generate a graph using gnuplot which looks like this enter image description here

I need to add max and min value as an error bar to each bar

Heres my gnuplot script

set output "truevsfalse.png"
set boxwidth 0.9 absolute
set style fill   solid 1.00 border lt -1
set key inside right top vertical Right noreverse noenhanced autotitles nobox
set style histogram clustered gap 5 title  offset character 0, 0, 0
set datafile missing '-'
set style data histograms
set xtics border in scale 0,0 nomirror rotate by -45  offset character 0, 0, 0
set xtics  norangelimit
set ylabel "NUMBER      OF      SHARING"
set xlabel "BENCHMARK"
plot 'truevsfalse.dat'  using 2:xtic(1)  title "true(synced and nonsynced)sharing (both vcpus)" , '' u 3   title "false sharing (both vcpus)"

I tried this

plot 'truevsfalse.dat'  using($0- .05):2:4:5:xtic(1) with boxerrorbars  title "true(synced and nonsynced)sharing (both vcpus)" , '' using ($0+0.25):3:6:7 with boxerrorbars  title "false sharing (both vcpus)"

But failed , I either get just the error bars without histogram bars or if I try to modify a bit the image corrupts.
What am I doing wtong?


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I might have already answered a similar question. ( stackoverflow.com/questions/11718251/… ). Does that look the way you want it? –  mgilson Aug 15 '12 at 12:26

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Basically, you need to overlay histogram and error bar plot, however, I see the problem is using xtic(1), which makes it difficult to overlay error bar plot on the box plot.

set xtics ('NOSHARE.2' 0, 'FALSE_SHARE.2' 1, 'SHAREDVAR.2' 2)
set bs 0.2 # width of a box
plot 'junk' u ($0-bs/2):2:(bs) w boxes title "true(synced and nonsynced)sharing (both vcpus)", \
     'junk' u ($0-bs/2):2:4:5 w yerror notitle, \
     'junk' u ($0+bs/2):3:(bs) w boxes title "false sharing (both vcpus)", \
     'junk' u ($0+bs/2):3:6:7 w yerror notitle
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It worked perfectly :) –  Deepthought Aug 15 '12 at 20:44

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