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So, I'm trying to make a text based game in C++ Using Visual Studio 2010. Here are some of the code blocks that I think are related. If you need anymore, don't hesitate to ask me.

I'm trying to create a class for a game called places. I make a place, and it has another "place" to the North, South, East, and West of it. I'm just really confused right now. I'm a noob at this stuff. I may just be looking over something.

#include "place.h"

//Nowhere place
string nowheredescr = "A strange hole to nowhere";
place nowhere(&nowheredescr, &nowhere, &nowhere, &nowhere, &nowhere); //Error occurs here

#ifndef place_h
#define place_h

#include "classes.h"

class place
    place(string *Sdescription, place *Snorth, place *Ssouth, place *Swest, place *Seast);
    string *description;
    place *north;
    place *south;
    place *east;
    place *west;


#include "place.h"
#include <iostream>

place::place(string *Sdescription, place *Snorth, place *Ssouth, place *Swest, place *Seast)
    description = Sdescription;
    north = Snorth;
    south = Ssouth;
    west = Swest;
    east = Seast;

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updated with @dasblinkenlight 's suggestion. – superzilla Aug 15 '12 at 2:49
@dasblinkenlight I'm getting this 4 times: "1>c:\users\jackson\google drive\public\c++ projects\parabellum\parabellum\places.cpp(5): error C2065: 'nowhere' : undeclared identifier" And for some reason your answer got deleted :( – superzilla Aug 15 '12 at 2:52
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Following syntax would solve the error

place nowhere = place(&nowheredescr, &nowhere, &nowhere, &nowhere, &nowhere);

That is explained in C++03 standard, 3.3.1/1

The point of declaration for a name is immediately after its complete declarator (clause 8) and before its initializer (if any)

In OP example, place nowhere(.....) represents a declarator, therefore nowhere used as a constructor parameter is considered undeclared. In my example, the place nowhere is a declarator and place(.....) is an initializer, therefore nowhere becomes declared at that point.

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