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I am new to python and recently i make dictionary using Python and Sqlite3 with tkinter. When I run the code it returns multiple line in IDLE but in the GUI its only display the last result. I would like to display all the information in the GUI. Thanks you for any help and suggestion.

import tkinter
import sqlite3
class Dictionary:
def __init__(self,master =None):
    self.main_window = tkinter.Tk()
    self.main_window.title("Lai Mirang Dictionary")
    self.main_window.minsize( 600,400)
    self.main_window.configure(background = 'paleturquoise')
    self.frame1 = tkinter.Frame()
    self.frame2= tkinter.Frame(bg = 'red')
    self.frame3 =tkinter.Text( foreground = 'green')
    self.frame4 = tkinter.Text()

    self.lai_label = tkinter.Label(self.frame1,anchor ='nw',font = 'Times:12', text = 'Lai',width =25,borderwidth ='3',fg='blue')
    self.mirang_label = tkinter.Label(self.frame1,anchor ='ne',font = 'Times:12', text = 'Mirang',borderwidth ='3',fg ='blue')

    self.mirang_label.pack(side = 'left')

    self.kawl_buttom= tkinter.Button(self.frame2 ,fg = 'red',font = 'Times:12',text ='Kawl',command=self.dic,borderwidth ='3',)

    self.lai_entry = tkinter.Entry(self.frame2, width= 28, borderwidth ='3',)
    self.lai_entry.bind('<Return>', self.dic,)
    self.lai_entry.configure(background = 'khaki')

    self.kawl_buttom.pack(side = 'left')

    self.value = tkinter.StringVar()
    self.mirang_label= tkinter.Label(self.frame3,font = 'Times:12',fg = 'blue',textvariable = self.value,justify = 'left',wraplength ='260',width = 30, height = 15,anchor = 'nw')
    self.mirang_label.configure(background = 'seashell')

    self.copyright_label = tkinter.Label(self.frame4,anchor ='nw',font = 'Times:12:bold',text = "copyright @ cchristoe@gmail.com",width = 30,borderwidth = 3, fg = 'purple',)



def dic(self, event = None):
    conn = sqlite3.connect('C:/users/christoe/documents/sqlite/laimirangdictionary.sqlite')
    c = conn.cursor()
    kawl = self.lai_entry.get()
    kawl = kawl + '%'
    c.execute("SELECT * FROM laimirang WHERE lai LIKE ?", (kawl,))
    for member in c:
        out = (member)
        print(out, )

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try results=c.fetchall(); for member in results and see it that works. –  IT Ninja Aug 15 '12 at 2:44
It do works in IDLE but in my GUI its only display the last result, I want it to display more items ( let say 5 items) in my GUI. Please help me out! I have been this for 2 whole weeks. Thanks you. –  user1599545 Aug 16 '12 at 21:12

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You need to change:

 c.execute("SELECT * FROM laimirang WHERE lai LIKE ?", (kawl,))
 for member in c:
     out = (member)
     print(out, )


for member in c.execute("SELECT * FROM laimirang WHERE lai LIKE ?", (kawl,)):
    current_text = self.value.get()
    new_text = current_text +( "\n" if current_text else "") +" ".join(member)

The new version gets the current value of the StringVar value and then appends the results returned with a space inbetween for each row returned with each row on its own line. What you were doing however involved just updating the StringVar to be the current member object, and therefore it only ever had the last values.

This is how it looks with more than one line:

This is what it currently looks like

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