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i would like to know how mysql interprets the create table syntax:

if i write:

create table tbl1 (
`v1` int,
`v2` int
 constraint idx primary key (v1)
select a, b from tbl2;

does it determine which value goes into v1 and which goes into v2 by their order in the select statement? does it use the names i designate in the create table statement or does it take them from the select statement? i have used the create table XX select val from YY before but would like to know more specifically about the above syntax.

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I sugest that you use PhpMyAdmin. It is much easier!!! – Coder404 Aug 15 '12 at 2:33
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You'll get a table with the columns v1, v2, a, and b.


If you just want v1 and v2 with an index on v1, do it like this:

create table tbl1 (primary key (v1)) select a v1, b v2 from tbl2;
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