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What tutorials or guides about features/techniques influenced the way you did something.

Eg a compelling tutorial (located here) about unit testing got you into unit testing. Your code improved dramatically.

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I think some of the most important "documentation" that helped me improve some parts of my code / coding are :

  • documentations from Frameworks / libraries, and the source code of some of those : they showed me how useful it is to have a well-presented well-structured well-commented well-organized code.
    • About those, I could say the manual and sources of MVC Frameworks tend to show great stuff, sometimes (inheritance, interfaces, design patterns, ... things you only hear about at school -- or at least it was the case when I was at school ^^ )
  • code reviews / peer reviews at work
    • both when my code was under review : advices from more experienced colleagues are always great, when you're willing to learn
    • and when I am the one reviewing code : you always learn new stuff when reading other's people code, and being able to discuss about it really is great !
  • The community : I read (even if often quite only rapidly) lots of blog-posts, and those are often written by people with lots of experience, who want to share great stuff
    • One nice source of those, for PHP of course, is Planet PHP ; just subscribe to the RSS feed ^^
    • But there are plenty more, not only about PHP !
  • Conferences are also a nice way to meet people, discuss with them, and learn from them
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Good suggestions. I think I have most of them implemented. Learned a ton from looking at the Zend Framework code. – koen Jul 28 '09 at 20:26

The most influential document that I have used for PHP is manual itself. Call me old fashioned.

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I agree, the manual is a good source. – koen Jul 28 '09 at 20:25

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