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When I get a touch event with its coordinate in android frameworks, I can use ioctl to send the user event to kernel, then let the driver convert it to system input event.( use: input_sync, input_report_key, input_report_abs etc.)

The problem is:

As i known, the android swipe events may like this:(swipe down) { type, code, value }

    {3,48,5}, {3,50,1}, {3,53,240}, {3,54,400},

    {3,58,255}, {3,57,0},




type=0, represents sync

type=1, represents key

type=3, code=53,54, value represents coordinate

type=3, code=48,50,57,58, value represents touch tool propertys.

so, only type=3, code=53,54 or type=1 are the input parameters, others need to be inserted in the convertion of user event to system event.

Should I coding like this:

// in driver
if ( get an event )
    report touch tool event;    
    report the x,y/key event;   // from input params
    report the sync event;

or there is a better way?

thank you.

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I found linux uinput interface, which can generate input events in user space more convenient.


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