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I am trying to debug this Mono desktop software in Monodevelop.

I imported the SLN file, ran Build all with success, but when I press the Debug button I get this popup that stays waiting forever saying Waiting for debugger:

Monodevelop: Waiting for debugger

The output says:

User assembly '/home/nico/src/SparkleShare/SparkleShare/bin/SparkleShare.exe' is missing. Debugger will now debug all code, not just user code.

My first line of code is a Console.WriteLine whose output does not appear anywhere.
Am I doing something wrong?

Monodevelop on Ubuntu 2012.10.
Nothing special appears on the console with monodevelop -v -v -v.

When I press Start Without Debugging instead of Start Debugging, the app crashes immediately saying The application exited with code: 255, but I need Debug to find where the problem is.

When I press Debug Application... and select bin/SparkleShare.exe, Monodevelop does nothing. The UI does not react in any way, it is like I pressed nothing.

When I run the application from command line, it runs fine (no crash), but Monodevelop does not react in any way, so I can't use it to debug:

mono --debug  bin/SparkleShare.exe

Debugging in Monodevelop works fine with a solution created from scratch.

Here is a hack to debug in Monodevelop that works here, but it is quite painful, and unsupported.

Note: It is not the same problem as this question, which is about MonoTouch waiting for a phone simulator... the suggestions over there are about the simulator or updating XCode... no simulator nor XCode here.

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check /home/nico/src/SparkleShare/... for the exe. If it built properly, you should be able to manually run the app using mono. That should be a starting point to start troubleshooting. If it doesn't work, check man mono for some of the debugging flags you can pass. It could be something as simple as monodevelop not finding the exe and is just not handling that situation appropriately. – Dave Ferguson Dec 5 '12 at 20:20
@DaveFerguson: Command-line is actually how I run my app meanwhile. You are right, I guess it is just a simple configuration problem. – Nicolas Raoul Dec 6 '12 at 4:42

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MonoDevelop is kinda old.

I recommend you upgrading to 3.x or even the master branch, which has a lot of improvements and probably fixes your issue.

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Upgrading to (Ubuntu 2012.10) now... – Nicolas Raoul Dec 3 '12 at 4:03
Upgrading was probably a good thing, but unfortunately that does not solve the present problem. I added a few details to my question. – Nicolas Raoul Dec 3 '12 at 6:26
I recommend you to then open a bug in . Given that SparkleShare is open source, it will probably be a good enough testcase for them to replicate the problem, if you explain the steps to reproduce well enough. – knocte Dec 3 '12 at 15:46

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