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I have a C# MVC 3 project that uses OpenSearch to search for product. Search is fine if the search word is one word but if I type something like canned food then I get HTTP Error 404.11. I know that one easy way to fix this is set the allowDoubleEscaping equals to true in webconfig. But my friend suggested me to use escaping url which would replace the space with %20 (correct me if I am wrong because I am new to this)

I have seen a lot of examples that says to use UrlPathEncode but I am not sure where to add this code in my project.

Basically I am just asking how can I make this:

localhost:94830/Home/Search/canned food

into this


or replace space with another character

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You can use System.Uri.EscapeUriString as follows:

Uri.EscapeUriString("double  space") //double%20%20space

and as it's also available in "client profile", it's more portable than using System.Web APIs.

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Thanks but where do I add this code? I mean what file does this code needs to be in? – SherCoder Aug 15 '12 at 7:24
Just pass the search-query through this before you initiate the actual search (or does OpenSearch somehow make this difficult?) – Kjartan Aug 15 '12 at 7:39

You can do it with the help of HttpServerUtility.UrlEncode Method

In this example, the string 'ASP.NET Examples' is encoded as "ASP.NET+Examples".

Server.UrlEncode("ASP.NET Examples");
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