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In my new job, company uses ArcGIS with .NET for all the development as its a GIS based company. I am new to GIS and have no clue where to start. Please suggest me any good tutorials where to start ? Which one I have to start with is it ArcMAP or AcrInfo or ArcCatalog ?...

Any beginner tutorials will be much useful. Basically I am a .NET Web Developer with 2+ years of exp.

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ESRI have a great webhelp. There is almost everything including tutorial (the link is for tutorial):

ArcMap is the "main" application for visualizing and analyzing data, so I think you should start there.

The very quick guide for ArcMap is on:

ArcCatalog the application is for managing files and geodatabases and it´s reachable from ArcMap. ArcInfo is only licence level of application. ArcInfo is the highest one. (It have full functionality).

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thanks.. it helps me – msbyuva Sep 1 '12 at 22:52

I have had to go through a similar learning curve.

Here are a couple of good sites:

ESRI Getting Started:

ESRI JavaScript API documentation (great code samples for learning):

ESRI SilverLight Documentation (great code samples for learning): (Due to the fact that I am new to Stack Overflow, only lets me post two hyperlinks so Google ESRI Silverlight)

I have found on my journey, that a basic understanding of GIS is essential has well. I am taking an online Certificate track through the University of West Florida that has been great at filling in the gaps of my GIS knowledge.

You will also want to start to understand ModelBuilder and Python, and here are some resources to get you started down that path: Google ESRI training cours "Using Python in ArcGIS Desktop 10"

Lastly I highly recommend this book to add to your library for a good Hand-On approach to learning your way around the ESRI projects. It will just scratch the surface, but should fill your need. Google "Getting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, Second Edition, Updated for ArcGIS 10"

Hope this helps ! I am working hard to tweak my skillset to be more GIS-centric so I can tell you it is a tough but worthwhile endeavor. Good luck ! Sorry I couldn't post more links, but it says I have to build up my StackOverflow reputation first...

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thanks.. it helps me – msbyuva Sep 1 '12 at 22:53

This has just been released "Beginning ArcGIS for Desktop Development Using .NET"

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The Company now organized themselves more and they provided a tutorial for almost everything including a beginner tutorial. Here is a Link for the tutorials page Tutorials

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