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I have a problem with sorting the results for the below codes. I have a dynamic sorting field whereby a certain value is met, it will sort by a specified field. However I can't seem to sort by some of the fields for some reasons and the result seems to sort by some unknown order... eg. i.totalExclTax - if I sort by this, the result is not sorted. Hence I was wondering why it can't sort by that field

i.invoicedDateTime AS `(@datetime)Date`,
i.invoiceNum AS `Invoice Num`,
c.displayName AS `Customer Name`,
m.name AS `Membership`,
FORMAT(i.totalExclTax, 2) AS `Total (Excl Tax)`,
FORMAT( SUM(it.amount), 2 ) AS `Tax`,
FORMAT(i.totalInclTax, 2) AS `Total (Incl Tax)`
(smSales__invoice i
JOIN smCustomer__customer c ON(i.customerId = c.id)
   AND c.ts_Deleted IS NULL
     JOIN smCustomer__membership m ON (c.membershipId = m.id)
     AND m.ts_Deleted IS NULL
  JOIN smSales__invoiceTax it ON(it.invoiceId = i.id)
  AND it.ts_Deleted IS NULL
WHERE i.invoicedDateTime BETWEEN '2012-07-01 00:00:00' AND DATE_ADD('2012-08-31 00:00:00', INTERVAL 1 DAY)
AND i.invoicedOutletId IN ('230614c3761512c8db000a38a346e217')
AND i.type = 'sales'
AND i.voidedDateTime IS NULL
AND i.ts_Deleted IS NULL
  CASE 'B'
    WHEN 'A' THEN i.invoiceNum
    WHEN 'B' THEN i.totalExclTax
    ELSE `Customer Name`
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Could you explain how the order by is intended to work? –  juergen d Aug 15 '12 at 5:07
The CASE 'B' is just an example I'm testing out with, expecting that the the above sql statement will always sort by the i.totalExclTax field;but the result seems not that case. The real intention is that the 'B' in the CASE statement is a dynamic value that is passed in from outside, when it has met by some a condition it will sort by a specific table field. –  user1599754 Aug 15 '12 at 8:05
in general it should work. See this example –  juergen d Aug 15 '12 at 8:14

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Your case always output the second value (i.totalExclTax) as a results as soon as 'B'='B' always. In MySQL try to use this equivalent of your statement:

if('B'='A', i.invoiceNum,if('B'='B',i.totalExclTax,'Customer Name')) 
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