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I'd like to learn how to implement basic "comet" or client push methods something like meebo from server and client side , where can I find good and clear spec? Thanks

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Although you're not really specifying the technology you would like to work in ... But these links proved to be very helpful for me:

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what do you mean by technology ? server ? i will build module in side nginx server – user63898 Jul 29 '09 at 5:32

Comet is a big term, and there are many different implementations. There isn't a particular single specifications, it is more of a concept or idea.

I had to do a project with server push, and I came across a couple of attempts to come up with specifications, such as BOSH.

Eventually, I found the best I could do was check out what others are currently doing, there are a couple of nice projects such as Orbited and Juggernaut. Then, implement my own solution.

I built my own solution using Twisted and SocketBridge.

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