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Am working on the design of a real time chat engine using xmpp server such as openfire, i want to be able to limit the number of users that can enter a chat room, 'programming room' should have only 30 people in the room the next person to enter the room, thats from 31st person up should be assigned to 'programming room-2' which will be automatically created once the number of users reaches 30, also as soon as users in programming room1 drops below 30 new users that enters programming room should be assigned to programming room1. Should i use plugin/component to achieve this.

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Instead of going to hell, as suggested in your comment above, I'll provide you an approach.

Create a server-side component. Your client sends it some protocol (such as XEP-0050) and the service sends your client an invite to the correct room. If you want existing clients to be able to join, also accept a plain text message.

The component will need to join each room to keep track of the number of participants using their presence. As such, just have the component create each room as needed, before inviting any participants.

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