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I am stuck with this problem and cant think of a way outside of this. Have a look at the image

reference image for the problem

Now the problem is, the div is not a part of the li, and on leaving the li(and entering the div) the li collapses back. This needs to be handled and I am stuck on how to do this.

Below is the javascript code

    a.cache.brand_nav.find("li a").hover(function (c) {
        if (a.isTablet && c.currentTarget.href !== f) d.location = c.currentTarget.href;
        else {
            a.cache.brand_nav.find("li a").css('top', '0px'); //Collapsing all li's before expanding one
            c = b(this);
            c.stop(true, true).animate({ top: '-' + c.find("img").height() + 'px' }, 250, 'easeInCirc');
            $('#bgIdeas').stop(true, true).animate({ bottom: '+' + parseInt(parseInt(c.find("img").height())).toString() + 'px' }, 500, 'easeInCirc', false);
            if (this.className == 'ideas') {
                $('#ideasBG').stop(true, true).show(5000, 'easeOutExpo');
                $('#bgIdeas').append('<p style=" position:absolute; left:22%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/ideas/ideas_worldofideas_thumb.jpg"><br>World of Ideas</p>         <p style=" position:absolute; left:32%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/ideas/ideas_history_thumb.jpg"><br>History</p>           <p style=" position:absolute; left:42%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/ideas/ideas_gulahmed_thumb.jpg"><br>About Gul Ahmed</p>          <p style=" position:absolute; left:52%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/ideas/ideas_partner_thumb.jpg"><br>Be an Ideas Partner</p>');
                if (this.className == 'women') {
                    $('#womenBG').stop(true, true).show(5000, 'easeOutExpo');
                    $('#bgIdeas').append('<p style=" position:absolute; left:42%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/women/women_fabrics_thumb.jpg"><br>Fabric</p>          <p style=" position:absolute; left:52%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/women/women_readytowear_thumb.jpg"><br>Ready to Wear</p>         <p style=" position:absolute; left:62%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/women/women_shoes_thumb.jpg"><br>Shoes</p>           <p style=" position:absolute; left:72%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/women/women_bags_thumb.jpg"><br>Bags</p>');
                    if (this.className == 'men') {
                        $('#menBG').stop(true, true).show(5000, 'easeOutExpo');
                        $('#bgIdeas').append('<p style=" position:absolute; left:20%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/men/men_fabrics_thumb.jpg"><br>Fabric</p>          <p style=" position:absolute; left:30%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/men/men_readytowear_thumb.jpg"><br>Ready to Wear</p>         <p style=" position:absolute; left:61%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/men/men_shoes_thumb.jpg"><br>Shoes</p>           <p style=" position:absolute; left:71%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/men/men_accesories_thumb.jpg"><br>Accessories</p>');
                        if (this.className == 'kids') {
                            $('#kidsBG').stop(true, true).show(5000, 'easeOutExpo');
                            $('#bgIdeas').append('<p style=" position:absolute; left:30%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/kids/kids_readytowear_thumb.jpg"><br>Ready to Wear</p>         <p style=" position:absolute; left:40%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/kids/kids_shoes_thumb.jpg"><br>Shoes</p>         <p style=" position:absolute; left:50%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/kids/kids_accessories_thumb.jpg"><br>Accessories</p>');
                            if (this.className == 'homes') {
                                $('#homesBG').stop(true, true).show(5000, 'easeOutExpo');
                                $('#bgIdeas').append('<p style=" position:absolute; left:30%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/home/bed_linen_thumb.jpg"><br>Bed Linen</p>            <p style=" position:absolute; left:40%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/home/bed_basics_thumb.jpg"><br>Bed Basics</p>            <p style=" position:absolute; left:50%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/home/kitchen_textile_thumb.jpg"><br>Kitchen Textile</p>          <p style=" position:absolute; left:60%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/home/bath_thumb.jpg"><br>Bath Accessories</p>            <p style=" position:absolute; left:70%; margin-top:10px;"><img src="images/home/home_accessories_thumb.jpg"><br>Home Accessories</p>');
            function () {
                c = b(this);
                    $('.outerBGs').stop(true, true).hide(5000, 'easeOutExpo');
                $('#backgrounds').stop(true, true).show(1000, 'easeOutExpo');
                $('#bgIdeas').stop(true, true).animate({ bottom: '0px' }, 250, 'easeInCirc');
                c.stop(true, true).animate({ top: '0px' }, 250, 'easeInCirc');
                //            $(document).unbind('mousemove');
                //            $(document).mousemove(function (e) {
                //                var offset = $('#bgIdeas').offset();
                //                result = offset.left <= e.pageX && offset.left + $('#bgIdeas').outerWidth() > e.pageX && <= e.pageY && + $('#bgIdeas').outerHeight() > e.pageY;
        //                //To see if mouse coordinates are under the area of div.
        //                //alert(parseInt(parseInt(offset.left) + parseInt($('#bgIdeas').outerWidth())) + '     ' + e.pageX + '         ' + parseInt(parseInt( + parseInt($('#bgIdeas').outerHeight())) + '        ' + e.pageY);
        //                if (result == false) {
        //                    clearInterval(myRecFunc);
        //                    $('.bgs').show();
        //                    continueSlideShow();
        ////                    $('#bgIdeas').stop(true, true).animate({bottom: "0px"},500, "easeOutExpo", function () {$(document).unbind('mousemove');});
        ////                    c.stop(true, true).animate({top: "0px"},{ duration: 500, queue: false });

        //                }
        //                else {
        //                }
        //            });

The commented code above, is actually a method i tried before by mousemove event by catching the mouseposition and restricting the function from entering the code if the mouse is on the DIV, but it lead to improper functioning randomly, I guess that must have been because of binding and unbinding of event so fast. Please, I need help on this.

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I can't see a div highlighted in red? Could you post the markup of the html? – Jeemusu Aug 15 '12 at 6:32
I am really sorry, must have forgotten to highlight it, it is the one in grey in which there are a couple of thumbnails. It rises and collapses with the li. – Taha Rehman Siddiqui Aug 15 '12 at 6:40
So to confirm, you want the functionality to be as follows. A user hovers over a navigation option, the navigation pops up. When the user hovers off the navigation but is still within the <div> above the navigation bar, it stays popped up, otherwise it collapses? – Jeemusu Aug 15 '12 at 6:45
exactly as you said! – Taha Rehman Siddiqui Aug 15 '12 at 7:05
I'm guessing you can't post a link to the site. If not, it would be really helpful if you could create a jsfiddle of jsbin of the isolated code (css, javascript & html). – Jeemusu Aug 15 '12 at 7:10

This can be done using two classes that each have display:block.

Whenever the li has at least one of those classes, it will show. So the li itself and the div each remove one displayed class on mouseover and remove it's own (respective) class on mouseout.

Here's an example

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the problem is, that li is always there(displayed) but the position is determined by javascript (I have applied .animate(top:-(size of image))) – Taha Rehman Siddiqui Aug 15 '12 at 7:06
You could insert an if in to your function to see if these classes were present. I'll update the answer with an example. – ColBeseder Aug 15 '12 at 7:23
Now, mouseenter and leave or hover wont call because the position is set to absolute, and can only be set to absolute and fixed – Taha Rehman Siddiqui Aug 15 '12 at 7:26

Here's a better, completely different answer


Put a delegated listener on the lowest shared parent of the div and the li. In the example, this is the body. That listener then checks to see if the event was on one of these two elements and, if not, performs an action on the li.

Edited to include child elements.

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