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I hav a string, that can contain the following:

lots of text Nov 30  2011 lots more of text


lots of text Nov 30 12:48 lots more of text

What I want to match is the date inside that line. What I want to get is the following for the first line:

{'date': 'Nov 30  2011', 'time': None}

or for the second line:

{'date': None, 'time': 'Nov 30 12:48'}

So my attemp was to this:

    '^.+((?P<date>\w{3} \d{1,2}  \d{4})|(?P<time>\w{3} \d{1,2}:\d{2})).+', 

But this does not work, it returns None. I tried some other combinations, but none worked.

How can I do this?

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You are missing the day on the <time> group (e.g. "Nov 12:48"):

(?P<date>\w{3} \d{1,2}  \d{4})|(?P<time>\w{3} \d{1,2} \d{1,2}:\d{2})

Also, you can probably match for that pattern without the ^.+(...).+ - it doesn't add much beyond requiring at least on character before and after your date. I'd also recommend replacing spaces with \s+ or + (space plus, or [ ]+ if you want it visible) - you have double spaces in some places, which isn't too robust.

Another option is to avoid repetition - keep the date in its own group, and add alternaton between the time and the year:


Working example: (without names)

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