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I want to convert arraylist to specific list of objects using linq i tried toList() but not working

ArrayList resultsObjects = new ArrayList();
List<string> results = resultsObjects.ToList<string>();
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Your code actually shows a List<ArrayList> rather than a single ArrayList. If you're really got just one ArrayList, you'd probably want:

ArrayList resultObjects = ...;
List<string> results = resultObjects.Cast<string>()

The Cast call is required because ArrayList is weakly typed - it only implements IEnumerable, not IEnumerable<T>. Almost all the LINQ operators in LINQ to Objects are based on IEnumerable<T>.

That's assuming the values within the ArrayList really are strings. If they're not, you'll need to give us more information about how you want each item to be converted to a string.

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I assume your first line was meant to be ArrayList resultsObjects = new ArrayList();.

If the objects inside the ArrayList are of a specific type, you can use the Cast<Type> extension method:

List<string> results = resultsObjects.Cast<string>().ToList();

If there are arbitrary objects in ArrayList which you want to convert to strings, you can use this:

List<string> results = resultsObjects.Cast<object>().Select(x => x.ToString())
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You can convert ArrayList elements to object[] array using ArrayList.ToArray() method.

 List<ArrayList> resultsObjects = new List<ArrayList>();
 resultsObjects.Add(new ArrayList() { 10, "BB", 20 });
 resultsObjects.Add(new ArrayList() { "PP", "QQ" });

 var list = (from arList in resultsObjects
                       from sr in arList.ToArray()
                        where sr is string 
                         select sr.ToString()).ToList();
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