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Cache can be cleaned via AIDL, What about forcestop function?

I tried, but failed. Anyone did this before?

add aidl file in my packages:

package android.app; 
oneway interface IActivityManager { 
     void forceStopPackage(String packageName);

implements IActivityManager, but I can't get its object:

import android.app.IActivityManager;
class ActivityManagerProxy implements IActivityManager

    public ActivityManagerProxy(IBinder remote)
        mRemote = remote;

    public IBinder asBinder()
        return mRemote;

    public void forceStopPackage(String packageName) throws RemoteException
        Parcel data = Parcel.obtain();
        Parcel reply = Parcel.obtain();
        mRemote.transact(FORCE_STOP_PACKAGE_TRANSACTION, data, reply, 0);

    private IBinder mRemote;
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1 Answer

It's not possible since ActivityManagerService which runs in its own process just checked the permission of the IPC caller. You must hold the FORCE_STOP_PACKAGES permission to call this method.

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