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I'm new to Clojure, and I would like to know where is all the documentation for all the libraries such as those found on

for example using lein I do the following to the project.clj

(defproject Program-name "1.0.0-SNAPSHOT"
  :description "FIXME: write description"
  :dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0"]
   [facts/speech-synthesis "1.0.0"]
[org.clojars.jeffsigmon/maryclient "4.3.0"]
[speech-synthesis "1.0.0"]
[clarity "0.5.6"]])

then uselein deps to install all the libraries


(ns Program-name.core
(:use [speech-synthesis.say :as say])(use [clarity.component]))
(use 'clarity.form)

so how would I import and get the API information for org.clojars.jeffsigmon/maryclient?

note: I read that that the API documentation is stored in the libraries and you have to import them to access it

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The API docs are in the code in the form of docstrings


(defn my-func
 "This is the doc string"
 [a b c]

You can access the doc strings in the REPL:

$ lein repl
user> (doc println)
([& more])
  Same as print followed by (newline)

user> (apropos "print")
(*print-radix* *print-miser-width* *print-pprint-dispatch* print-table 
  print-length-loop pprint-indent pprint *print-suppress-namespaces* 
  *print-right-margin* *print-pretty* with-pprint-dispatch ...)

user> (find-doc "print")
... lots of functions related to print with docs...

Various IDEs also give access to the docs. e.g. in emacs, with swank you can use slime-describe-symbol accessed via the shortcut C-c C-d d

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use doc, find-doc, apropos function on REPL, use lein repl start a repl.
BTW: if the library jar is not include .clj files, you cannot use them.

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