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Where is it possible to download trial of Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2005? Microsoft is not offering it in Download section anymore.

Thank you for your answers.

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The Visual Studio 2005 TFS trial is available to MSDN Subscribers. I don't believe it is generally available anymore, now that Visual Studio 2008 TFS is out.

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If you have not already implemented TFS, then you should look at TFS 2008. It is much improved and a VS 2005 client can connect to it just fine. To download an 90-day trial version of TFS 2008 visit the following link:


If you just wanted to play with TFS and Team System, then I would encourage you to download the pre-configured Virtual PC image as it will save you the time of installing the pre-requisites required for a full TFS installation. You can get the VPC here which will run until the end of the calendar year:


Is there any reason why you wanted TFS 2005 rather than the latest version?

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Hi Martin, thank you for your answer. I know about TFS 2008. I understand my request is not typicall. The reason is cusomer is using this edition and is not able to upgrade (whatever why). Ayyway, thank you both! –  Dusan Kocurek Jul 31 '09 at 19:13

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