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I was trying to setup a scheduled task in Linux Ubuntu Server 12.04 (CronJob) to perform a daily backup of all my MySQL Databases on midnight.

I have installed the known Webmin (A nice web interface for managing the Web Servers).

So my issue is: whenever the backup is being performed, the files are getting overwritten!

That means: The backup of the day before yesterday are LOST, only the "Yesterday" backup is being saved!

I have tried something like setting dynamic file path like:


but I had no success with that :(

Can anybody help me.

Thanks alot guys.

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I made a shell script (not for webmin). Put it in /etc/cron.daily.

The scripts makes a backup of the database (stores it as .gz), then uploads it by ssh to another server. For the auth. i setup ssh keys, so no password is needed. The backup files have a unique name, so you don't overwrite the backup files.

This is how you can create a filename within script:

now=`date  +%Y%m%d_%H%M`

Then you should write a a small script that removes all backup files that are older then x days.


# Creates a backup of a MySQL databases and uses ssh (sFTP) to send if  to another server
# This script shouldbe called from the crontab


# MySQL user and password

# destination ssh

# Database to backup

# create timestamp
now=`date  +%Y%m%d_%H%M`

# where we store the files

# backup filename

# run backup
$mysql_cmd -u $mysql_usr --password=$mysql_pass  $database | gzip > $filename

# upload to sever (ssh)
scp $filename $dst_user@$dst_hostname:
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You can use dynamic path, but before you must enable it in module config:

System > Filesystem Backup > Module Config > Do strftime substitution of backup destinations? > Yes

(If you are not sure about placeholders, just click on the text "Do strftime substitution of backup destinations?" in the config and help will show you.)

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This is only for filesystem backups (vritualmin 4.08). The answer of @Mr Vector is the correct one. – botzko Jul 19 '14 at 16:00

MySQL Database Server > Module Config > Chose Yes on "Do strftime substitution of backup destinations?"

It work for me! :) in my site game mobile

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And here is a list of variables if you turn on "variable substitution" -- virtualmin.com/documentation/id,template_variable_listing – hargobind Oct 3 '14 at 22:28
This should be the accepted answer. Thanks! :) – だらんぎん じょん Apr 12 at 7:40

I had the same problem and solved like this :

From Server select MySQL Database Server. Go to Module config (top left), and select Do strftime substitution of backup destinations? to Yes.

I use db_%d-%m-%Y.sql format for backups. (db_13-03-2013.sql)

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