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I tried creating a report using a sub report. When I exported it to PDF I have noticed that there are extra blank pages in the PDF. I made it clear that body width + left margin+ right margin <= report width. But still it gives the blank page. sub report as individual working great.

Also I am calling the sub report from with in a list in main report. I tried to set up a page break after list . but it looks like its not working.

I want the next list displayed on a new page.

How do I achieve these.

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A few things to look for:

  • Check the "parent" and subreport for any controls that are in your margins (or may grow into the margins). Setting the width doesn't necessarily force the controls to that width.
  • check for any controls that overlap. I've had strange things happen because of that (especially in SSRS 2005).
  • checking the "Print Layout" while previewing helps find most issues like this at design time (before exporting to PDF).
  • For the hard break with your list not sure what is goofy there. I usually use a table with groups and set the page breaks on the appropriate group. Depends on the data though.


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For me it was a problem with the sub report's width which caused extra blank pages in the exported version. Reducing the width solved the issue.

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When exporting to pdf and the report contains a sub report where the sub report is grouped on an item from parent report.

Do not use the list control in the parent report to group sub report. Use the table control.

The list control will cause blank pages while the table control does not

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needs drastic rephrasing and more information. – Malachi May 14 '13 at 19:52

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