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I have a bean B which I have to create myself (using new B()) and which has @Autowire and @PostConstruct annotations.

How do I make Spring process these annotations from my bean A?

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Aaron, I believe that your code is correct but I used the following:

B bean = new B();
AutowireCapableBeanFactory factory = applicationContext.getAutowireCapableBeanFactory();
factory.autowireBean( bean );
factory.initializeBean( bean, "bean" );

The first method will process @Autowire fields and methods (but not classic properties). The second method will invoke post processing (@PostConstruct and any defined BeanPostProcessors).

Application context can be obtained in a bean if it implements ApplicationContextAware interface.

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Maybe my code is wrong. processInjection() will only fill @Autowired fields while your code should process @PostConstruct, too (at least according to the JavaDoc). :-/ –  Aaron Digulla Aug 15 '12 at 7:57

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