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I want to get all objects whose attribute "content" is not an empty string.

I already tried "not like", "!=" and "<>", but none of these is working.

In all the documentations I only find the positive comparisons (like, ==,...) but not the negative ones.

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!= is, in fact, correct. But your problem might lie elsewhere, the content property of the object you're trying to match might be nil. So either phrase your predicate as content != "" && content != nil or, if you use Core Data, set the content property to @"" in -awakeFromInsert, so it doesn't default to nil.

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This should do it for a predicate created using the string syntax (as opposed to creating the predicate programmatically:)

NSPredicate *pred = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat:@"NOT content == \"\""];

You can use NOT to negate any of the tests (LIKE, IN, etc.).

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