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I want to serve static galleries, and I would like to know if G-WAN can restrict hot-linking to specified files?

Restricting image hot-linking would be good, but what I really want to know if there is possibility to disallow hot-linking images but allow hot-linking images that name ends with '_thumb' (thumbnails)?

if image_name_wo_ext end with '_thumb':
    allow image hot-linking
    disallow image hot-linking


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Here is how to proceed:

This is can be done with a G-WAN "connection handler" or with a MIME "content-type handler" if you want to restrict the check to *.gif or to *.png files:

 http_t *http = (http_t*)get_env(argv, HTTP_HEADERS);

 static char my_site[] = "";
 if(strcmp(my_site, http->h_referer)) // not my site
    char *request  = (char*)get_env(argv, REQUEST);

    if(strstr(request, "_thumb"))
       return 0; // 0: Close the client connection

 return 255; // continue normally

Alternatively, you can redirect to another page or image instead of just closing the connection:

    char szURI[] = "";
    xbuf_t *reply = get_reply(argv);
              "<body>Click <a href=\"%s\">here</a>.</body></html>",

    // set the HTTP reply code accordingly
    int *pHTTP_status = (int*)get_env(argv, HTTP_CODE);
       *pHTTP_status = 301; // 301:'moved permanently'

    // 2: Send a server reply based on a reply buffer/HTTP status code
    return 2;
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