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Here is my code:

SELECT DataBaseUser.Agents, Abs(Sum([NoPPI1])) AS [NoPPI-1], Abs(Sum([NoPPI2])) AS [NoPPI-2], Abs(Sum([NoPPI3])) AS [NoPPI-3], Abs(Sum([NoPPI4])) AS [NoPPI-4], Abs(Sum([NoPPI5])) AS [NoPPI-5], Abs(Sum([NoPPI6])) AS [NoPPI-6], Abs(Sum([NoPPI1])+Sum([NoPPI2])+Sum([NoPPI3])+Sum([NoPPI4])+Sum([NoPPI5])+Sum([NoPPI6])) AS TotalNoPPI
FROM DataBaseUser INNER JOIN MainData ON DataBaseUser.ID = MainData.AgentDropDown
GROUP BY DataBaseUser.Agents;

Trying to get this query to work, basically the query is summing up the total NoPPI1 through to NoPPI6 for each sales agent. The problem I have is I need there to be some kind of filter on NoPPI1 for say this month, and then for NoPPI2 a date filter for say 2 months ago.

Is this possible?



The result at the moment looks like this:

Agents | NoPPI1 | NoPPI2 | NoPPI3 | NoPPI4 | NoPPI5 | NoPPI6 |
Ash    | 34     | 32     | 17     | 12     | 4      | 1      |
Kate   | 45     | 23     | 15     | 9      | 2      | 0      |

etc.. |

The field that would control the date is NoPPIDate1 etc..

So what I am trying to achieve is:

NoPPI1 needs to be summed, and abs and then filtered by date, and then the same for the other but a different date.

Thanks in advance

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Could you post the general, (relevant) structure of the database as well as a brief summery what information you want to extract. It's just easier for us to help you if we don't have to reverse-engineer your query ^^ – yoshi Aug 15 '12 at 8:55

The first thing to do is to normalize the table with a UNION query. This will give you much more control:

SELECT Agent, "NoPPI1" As Description, NoPPI1 As NoPPI,  NoPPI1Date As NoPPIDate
FROM Table
SELECT Agent, "NoPPI2" As Description, NoPPI2 As NoPPI,  NoPPI2Date As NoPPIDate
FROM Table

You can then select more easily:

SELECT Agent, Sum(NoPPI) FROM UnionQ
WHERE NoPPIDate=#2012/12/31#
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