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I am looking for an implementation of MySql and Geographic layers (features\rasters),

how does it work for you? which ORM \ dataaccess you are using? how do you write the geo-queries? as sql or in code

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At least for the simple stuff, generally speaking, you have to convert a geometric object from text into a geometry:

INSERT INTO table (geometry) VALUES (GeomFromText('POLYGON((x y, x y, x y, x y, x y))'))

SELECT AsText(g.geometry) AS geometry FROM table

You can do a spatial indexes like ALTER TABLE my_table ADD SPATIAL INDEX(my_field);

You cannot really do much beyond the basics with GIS data in MySQL.. if you really want to do GIS stuff with a FOSS dataserver, you have to go PostGIS with PostgreSQL. See this article.

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how does it optimize the columns, is there any tiled-index? – rabashani Jul 28 '09 at 21:02
I think for a tiled index you need PostGIS or MapServer (for FOSS stuff). You will not find advanced GIS functionality in MySQL – Stephen J. Fuhry Jul 29 '09 at 15:01

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