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I have an svn repository with project structure:



I want to clone projectA. When I run:

git svn clone -r <revision number>:HEAD <url>/root/projectA

I get no errors and a git repository is created under the new projectA directory. However the directory is empty. Am I missing soemthing?

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Below command did the job:

  git svn clone -r HEAD <url>/root/projectA 
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I've had the same problem and it was solved by using the --no-metadata argument. In your case, this would amount to

git svn clone -r <revision number>:HEAD <url>/root/projectA --no-metadata
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Please see the pros and cons of using no-metadata from the link - before using this option. – boddhisattva Jan 22 '14 at 20:41

I could not chech whether this is working, but try:

git svn clone --stdlayout <url>/root/projectA/
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No difference. still end up with an empty directory! – tom eustace Aug 15 '12 at 16:25

If you use the HTTP or HTTPS transports (i.e. your repository URLs start with HTTP[s]), you need to provide a valid SVN username.

git svn clone -s --username <SVN username>

-s is an alias for --stdlayout

However, I only had to specify the --username option once and subsequent calls worked without it. I guess it caches the username.

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Had a similar issue, executing 'git reset --hard HEAD' in the directory seemed to create the files.

.git/objects was quite large, so I guess the files were imported from svn into git, they just weren't checked out, or something.

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My problem was using the -s or --stdlayout because my svn repo did NOT have a standard layout (trunk, branches, tags).

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