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How do I select a specific attribute value from a series of values using XQuery?

My XML file looks like this:

<unit id="01" xref="entry01 entry02">

How do I select a specific value -- such as entry01 --- from the xref attribute and assign it to a variable?

I need to select the individual values from the attribute xref, because additional features for these values are defined later in the file:

<features xref="entry01" font-size="2">
<features xref="entry02" font-size="3">

I would like to organize the entries into a table such as one exemplified below. The columns defined by the attributes as follows: unit id, xref, font-size.

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Use fn:tokenize to split at space (or all whitespace) characters, depending on you needs:

Split at a single space:

tokenize(<unit id="01" xref="entry01 entry02"/>/@xref, " ")[1]

Allow multiple spaces directly following each other:

tokenize(<unit id="01" xref="entry01  entry02"/>/@xref, " +")[2

Split at a single whitespace (I changed the attribute value to contain a tab character):

tokenize(<unit id="01" xref="entry01    entry02"/>/@xref, "\s")[2]
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I've amended the example, because some of the original question did not show up properly. I also have trouble using tokenize with a variable, which I use to pick up the <unit> entries from the XML file: for $units in doc("units.xml")/units – ritzdiamond Aug 15 '12 at 10:16
@ritzdiamond, The XML document you have provided doesn't contain any element named units. Your comment above contradicts this fact. It is recommended that you update the question with the real XML document, or accept this answer (click on the check-mark next to the answer) and ask a new question. – Dimitre Novatchev Aug 15 '12 at 12:39

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