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I'm buidling a new appliction, eventually I'm planning on releasing it onto the Internet for free consumption.

In an effort to reduce the final download size of the package I would like to only bundle the absolute bare ZF components used by my app:


I could manually do this - though I'd rather not. Is there a tool around that I can point to my application, it can scan the PHP codebase and create a package with all classes referenced.

I know ZF2 uses composer.json to take care of this - however I'm building on ZF 1.11

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If download size is a concern, I would suggest that you include an install script (I assume you already have one) in which the library could be downloaded and placed in the appropriate location. –  Ifthikhan Aug 15 '12 at 9:56

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No, there is no tool, to do this job for you. However, I recommend not to break the ZF1 into pieces, because it's not that trivial to track down the several dependencies between the components. There is also no benefit: The autoloader takes care, that only the classes were loaded, that are required, thus you only save a small amount of disk space. Thats not worth all the effort it takes. This means you will definitely feel no difference wether or not you use ZF1 as a whole, or only partial, unless you find broken dependencies you created yourself.

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