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We are building e-commerce app, which requires us to take credit card information within the app. (and make transactions through web service)

We would like to know, what measures we should take to avoid app rejection. Also recommend a 3rd part payment transaction provider which can help us in implementing this.

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Exact duplicate of… – Nikita Pestrov Aug 15 '12 at 10:35

If the app reviewers spot you are asking for any credit card info in your app it will be rejected.

There is no way of getting around using in-app-purchase, other than to only have a payment thing on your website.

HOWEVER: you will be also rejected if you direct people to your site from within your app.

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What if we create a user account on website and taking credit card details there. and once the user is logged in on client can we we make transactions? – Saqib Saud Aug 16 '12 at 5:25
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OKay I have the answer.

Basically, when you are handling Credit card, you need to be secure, you should not handle credit card through your own web service, instead use paypal or for security.

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Take a look at this question, you will find lot of option here. as a suggester i would like to suggest for braintree payment gateway.

They are having quite good and simple SDK.

Credit Card processing library iphone

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