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I use this jquery plugin for an endless scroll on a webpage. This is what my html looks like:

<!-- zip -->
<section class="bookmarks">
  <article class="bookmark">
    <h3><a href="">Super awesome first bookmark</a></h3>

  <article class="bookmark">
    <h3><a href="">Super awesome second bookmark</a></h3>

  <article class="bookmark">
    <h3><a href="">Super awesome third bookmark</a></h3>

  <!-- Load more stuff here with endless scroll -->
<!-- zip -->

This is what my javascript looks like:

                    $(function () {
                                    fireOnce: false,
                                    fireDelay: false,
                                    insertAfter: "section#bookmarks div:last",
                                    loader: '<div class="loading">Loading...<div>',
                                    content: function(i, p) {
                                          return "<h1>something<h1>"

So my problem is that the text Loading... gets displayed but when it disappears again than the <h1>something</h1> won't be displayed.

Could anyone help me?

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Have you checked the console output? – Karl Laurentius Roos Aug 15 '12 at 11:17
Yep I did...I don't get any – Micheal Perr Aug 15 '12 at 11:20

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