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I have a dictionary and want to get the list of all dictionary values from key/value pairs using reflection. The values can be different types. Keys are strings and I'm able to get all dictionary keys in this way:

PropertyInfo p_info_keys = obj.GetType().GetProperty("Keys");
IEnumerable<string> keys = (IEnumerable<string>)p_info_keys.GetValue(obj, null);

I can see all dictionary values using this code:

PropertyInfo p_info_values = obj.GetType().GetProperty("Values");
object values = p_info_values.GetValue(obj, null);

But, I'm not sure how to get something that I can enumerate against instead of object type. So, this line of code is in question:

object values = p_info_values.GetValue(obj, null);

Any help is appreciate.

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You can use the weakly typed IEnumerable for this job:

IEnumerable values = (IEnumerable)p_info_values.GetValue(obj, null);

Now you can enumerate the values:

foreach(object value in values)
    // ...
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Thank you very much. –  tesicg Aug 15 '12 at 11:34

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