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I've created a Python module from Fortran files with:

f2py -c -m mymod file1.f90 file2.f90 file3.f90

file1.f90 contains Fortran modules: foo, bar, bar. Module foo contains functions: f,g,h.

f2py automatically write docstring for function f. is contained in directory ROOT, and I've added ROOT in my PYTHONPATH.

I can access docstring of f function with:

import mymod

I now want write documenation for function f using autodoc extension of sphinx:

.. autofunction::

But it fails with:

ImportError: No module named

I think sphinx is trying to import like this, which does not work:


I tried to import a package containing

How can I make sphinx find doctring?

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A function cannot be anything else than a function inside a mymod/ file, right? So an import; would be right. And there has to be an in the package. So... can you give more setup details? – Reinout van Rees Nov 18 '12 at 17:52

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