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I need to show natural dates like

  1. "few seconds ago"
  2. "21 minutes ago"

Is there something built in to the rails? Or may be third party? This is not hard to implement, but I do not want to invent the wheel.

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answered here… – Bayard Randel Jul 28 '09 at 21:35
@Bayard, I do not need parsing. – Mike Chaliy Jul 28 '09 at 21:39
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I think what you are looking for is time_ago_in_words

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Yes, thanks I will try. – Mike Chaliy Jul 28 '09 at 21:40
It works great for this purpose -- I, unfortunately, only found it recently. I actually spent four hours one day replicating this behavior and another two releasing it as a plugin. What a waste. – James A. Rosen Jul 29 '09 at 1:18

An interesting approach to consider is doing time-to-word conversion on the client side with javascript. This can keep your pages cacheable while still presenting relative times to the end user.

Darragh Curran has released a javascript implementation of just such functionality and written up a short explanation of how to use it in a Rails application.

Another interesting advantage of this technique is that you can dynamically update the description of the time without the user leaving the page.

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Good stuff, I fill look on this closely. – Mike Chaliy Jul 29 '09 at 5:46

Also check out the chronic gem

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Chronic is parser, I need exactly opposite. – Mike Chaliy Jul 29 '09 at 5:45
I reread your question, I mis-understood. Sorry – Henry Jul 30 '09 at 0:40

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