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I can develop a shopify app, I can use the shopify_api (in rails), I can do a lot of thing, but I could find the way to use the api from frontend... I'd like to develop an ajax filter for frontend, but if I can't use the API, I won't be able to do it....

How can I reach the API from frontend? Is it possible?

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Yes. You can. If you have an App reachable by URL, and you want to HTTP Post|Get|Put|Delete to it, you just craft your Ajax call and make it to your URL.

Since you are now going to be doing cross-domain Ajax, you are responsible for implementing either CORS or using JSONP. Your choice. Both work well.

Note that if you wanted to implement filtering using product tags, you could do so using an App Proxy, and deliver your results from the App back to the shop storefront by rendering Liquid. That might suit you too.

So, you can certainly try your hand at using the API from the front-end.

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Oh, thank you very much, it works! –  kungfucsiga Aug 15 '12 at 14:45

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